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Common Problems with Keyboard

Item Hazard/s Solutions


Keyboard is being used at the wrong height

  • Arms should be parallel to the floor when placed gently on the keyboard.  The seated elbow height should be a little higher than the height of the keyboard.  Raise or lower the office chair to achieve this position.
  • Where possible, the feet at the rear of the keyboard should be kept in a lowered position to minimise the height and angle of the keyboard.
  Wrist support is the wrong height or constructed of the wrong material.
  • Do not rest wrists on a hard or sharp surface such as the edge of the desk.  If a wrist rest is required, it is preferable that it is constructed of gel.  If using a wrist rest ensure that it is the same height as the front edge of the keyboard. 
  Keyboard is not placed correctly on the desk.
  • The keyboard should be positioned in front of the computer monitor with the letters G & H approximately in line with your navel.  This is particularly good positioning when doing a lot of keyboard work.



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